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Industry Spotlight

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Mrs Digital end-to-end digital marketing

Since 1999, we’ve built a team of talented marketers and honed our craft as a performance driven agency. We exist for one reason: to provide you with a truly unrivalled, end-to-end digital marketing service.

Our unwavering focus is on people and the commercial value we bring to any business’ work in the online space, and as a result, their bottom line. We’ve spent years developing our craft just for you and work with every client with pride and full transparency.

We truly care about the work we do, our client relationships, and mean it when we say we become an extension of your brand. Request your free search marketing audit (completed by a real human!) now and let’s talk.

To find out more, visit

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: itsapproved – Clever print management software from Cestrian

At Cestrian, we increasingly hear from our retail clients that they really value the technology solutions we provide to them, as well as the printing process itself.

Like retail, trends within printing have changed rapidly over time, making adaptation the key to survival. Meanwhile, innovation has always been a central focus for the Cestrian team, as we constantly seek new avenues to improve our service and take inspiration from advances in other industries.

itsapproved means truly agile printing

We introduced itsapproved to unify, simplify and streamline manual print management tasks for our clients – and it certainly seems to be working, with case studies showing it can make a 71% saving in manual administration time.

It’s a cloud-based print management system that allows retailers to:

  • Automate repetitive manual tasks, thus reducing time and the risk of errors
  • Automate real-time notifications on the status of print jobs
  • Accelerate the time to market, with ‘pre-flight’ artwork checks for efficiency and speed
  • Quickly upload, back up and archive information, using cloud storage
  • Use mobile device apps to check jobs on the go (iOS and Android)

Want to find out how itsapproved could make your print campaigns better? Talk to the Cestrian team today…

Phone us: 0161 488 3300

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INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Point-of-Sale Graphics – A full service from Cestrian

Effective retail displays not only engage consumer attention, but also represent your brand, provide a wayfinding guide, create an immersive experience and complement other displays throughout a store.

That’s why Cestrian does a lot more than just print. We draw together creative ideas, innovative techniques and world-class technology to bring your point-of-sale graphics to life.

We also aim to make the process smooth and hassle-free, from concept and testing right through to distribution – including storing, picking, packing and delivery.

Our innovative range of POS display products includes:

  • Free standing display units (FSDUs) – check out our brochure
  • Totem displays – created using our tension fabric systems
  • Window graphics
  • Vinyl floor graphics
  • Hanging signs
  • Counter display units (CDU)
  • Point of purchase displays (POP)

And we also create small-yet-impactful products such as:

  • POS stacking cubes
  • Bollard covers
  • Standees and cut-outs
  • Strut cards
  • Shelf strips and wobblers

Want to upgrade your POS displays? Simply tell us what you want to achieve, then we’ll recommend a package tailored to your needs.

Phone us: 0161 488 3300

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Cestrian is one of the UK’s leading visual brand communications manufacturers and has been successfully delivering exceptional campaigns for over 20 years. We’re part of the Arian Group, one of Europe’s most modern and forward-focused point-of-sale specialists.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Fabric frames and lightboxes – Vivid retail displays from Cestrian

The fight for consumer attention has never been tougher – so if you want your retail displays to really stand out, we’ve got a flexible solution to make them bigger, brighter and much, much more beautiful.

Cestrian’s tension fabric systems (TFS) can not only display huge printed graphics, but also accessories such as digital screens and shelves, to celebrate and demonstrate your latest products.

They’re created by stretching digitally printed fabric graphics across modular aluminium frames, for a seamless, crease-free finish. Whether you want to cover an entire wall or introduce a free-standing focal point, fabric frames are versatile and can be tailored to suit any brand or store.

The benefits of Cestrian’s fabric frame displays include:

  • Razor-sharp, vibrant imagery – printed to our impeccable standards
  • A wide choice of textiles, depending on the look you want to create
  • Powder-coated frames to match the colours of your brand
  • A lightweight, flexible design that can be easily transported, stored and installed
  • Easy-to-change graphics, with each new campaign or season
  • Hidden sockets, wires and lights – so you only see the stunning results

And another bright idea…

If you want to make your displays even more dynamic, LED backlighting or edge lighting can be used to illuminate your fabric graphics.

Just like our other frame displays, our fabric light boxes can be single or double-sided, free-standing, wall-mounted, ceiling-hung or simply presented on a counter or table.

Ready to streamline your retail displays with high-impact fabric frames? Talk to the Cestrian team today…

Phone us: 0161 488 3300

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Cestrian is one of the UK’s leading visual brand communications manufacturers and has been successfully delivering exceptional campaigns for over 20 years. We’re part of the Arian Group, one of Europe’s most modern and forward-focused point-of-sale specialists.

Latcham Direct


Allow Latcham Direct to demonstrate how their award winning multi-channel marketing and document fulfilment solutions can enhance your marketing and transactional communications to increase response, engagement, retention, improve service, and reduce cost.

Latcham currently work with leading brands across the financial services, healthcare, membership, publishing, utilities, charities, and retail sectors and for central and local government.

Latcham’s multi-million pound investment in powerful marketing and document technologies delivers highly personalised data driven content across digital print, email, web, and social media all from an integrated platform ensuring a joined up approach to all of your marketing and fulfilment requirements.

Latcham customers trust them to deliver compliant, sensitive and highly personal customer communication, from their secure facilities. Latcham achieve and maintain uncompromising and robust standards and are accredited with ISO 9001,14001,27001, FSC, PEFC, NHS IG SoC, C&CCC and CESG CLAS quality, security, and environmental standards.



We’re Brightsource, the data-driven production experts.

We help our clients have better and more cost-effective conversations with their customers, across print and digital channels.

We achieve this by harnessing the best possible people, technology and tools for each project. Our strengths include:

1. Helping clients transition from product-led to customer-led direct marketing.

2. Providing data automation for complex direct marketing programmes – enabling more relevant, rapid responses.

3. Delivering integrated multichannel marketing for a seamless customer experience.

We have over 120 people across three offices across the UK (Edinburgh, London & Cheltenham). We work across sectors, with particular specialisms in financial services and charity.

For example, we’ve been working with Lloyds Banking Group and British Heart Foundation each for over 10 years, continually improving their processes and direct marketing results.

Belmont Press


Belmont Press has supplied high quality printed products to many of the UK’s leading companies and organisations for over 60 years. Throughout our long heritage in the printing industry we have embraced new technology so that we can deliver the best, most efficient service to our customers.

We provide a complete service, with in-house print (litho, digital and wide format) and have an extensive finishing and binding capability. We also have a significant storage, pick-and-pack, fulfilment, mailing and delivery service.

We hold international standards for quality, environment, health and safety and colour management – testament to our ongoing commitment to providing customer service at the very highest level.

From catalogues to business cards, roller banners to online solutions and everything in between, we’re commercial print specialists – ask us anything about print; we’re friendly, approachable and always happy to help.


Join a league of leading email marketers using this powerful, easy-to-use, enterprise technology, built to suit your marketing needs.

MessageFocus is built to be customised, matching the structure of the system to your business requirements.

With many great features to help you to optimise your email marketing, we’ll help you take the next step in your journey.

Hundreds of organizations have chosen Adestra for MessageFocus’ unique, flexible account structure, excellent deliverability, and our unparalleled customer service.

Shouldn’t you be one of them?


Industry Spotlight: Say hello to Mapp

Mapp is one of the largest independent digital marketing technology companies in the world.

Built by marketers for marketers, Mapp provides a comprehensive family of software and customer-centric services, including a sophisticated data management platform; tools that optimise email, mobile, app, social and web marketing; and campaign management and strategy consulting.

Mapp has more than 3,000 customers including Puma, PepsiCo, KFC, PacSun, Thomas Cook, Deutsche Telekom, Bon Prix, Cnet, Xerox, TUIfly, Lloyds Banking Group, TSB Bank, and Deutsche Bank.

Industry Spotlight – Digital vs Traditional: What works best for you?

Print circulation numbers are down. On-demand and streaming services – sans un-skippable ads – are on the up. So what’s a marketer to do? Ditch the dinosaur channels and throw the entire budget at Larry, Sergey, Zuck and their contemporaries? Targeting, re-targeting and the ‘viral’ promise are all reasons to believe digital and social now reign supreme for the modern marketer, but in this we neglect to acknowledge the in real life (IRL) experiences and halting moments that also drive word of mouth and brand consideration – online or otherwise. So before you do throw everything at the digital plan, please ponder the following…

Magic in the mundane

If you haven’t heard the term ‘mindfulness’ this year then you’ve probably been living underneath the proverbial rock (and who would blame you in these turbulent times). It’s a reaction to our age of hedonism and the breakneck speed at which we’ve been living our lives, and like most trends, this desire to slow down and simplify is being reflected in publishing and advertising. In April this year, Ronseal decided to take a risk with a live TV spot which offered Channel 4’s Gogglebox audience three minutes of the unthinkable – watching actual fence paint dry. It was an inspired and effective product demonstration that earned them a trending spot on social media.

Stop the press

The digital evolution of the print industry is representative of the consumer’s move to more accessible, tailored and instant news without the barrage of irrelevant print ads. Despite the declining print figures, some brands still have the foresight to take advantage of reactive placements in bulk circulations, which often hit a captive, educated audience of commuters who will be reading cover to cover. Norwegian struck an extremely timely note in September this year following the news of Brad and Angelina’s break up, with a stark but cuttingly comic ad promoting their LA price promotion. The result: a viral campaign that puts it firmly in the hall of fame with Oreo’s ‘dunk in the dark’.

The great outdoors

Out-of-home and experiential marketing are truly challenging media. Bus wraps are hardly remarkable and being chased by a sampler at Waterloo while you try to catch your train isn’t entirely conducive to positive brand perception. The Economist challenges that notion. The publisher is infamous for its minimalist and innovative OOH creative, but it turned its hand to an unsettling on-the-ground activation in 2015 which was rebooted in the US this year. ‘High-protein’ is the new “on trend” claim for the food industry, and The Economists’ ice cream samplers achieved theirs by adding insects, the new proposed solution for the global food crisis which it covered in a ‘future of food’ feature. The campaign generated significant online press coverage and was branded ‘eye-catching genius’ by Business Insider.

The learning? Search for new value in formats that have become hackneyed and contrived. Opportunities to reach a cynical populace using these traditional methods still remain and can be extremely successful for the creative and confident marketer. Whether you’re aiming for ‘disrupt’ ‘be bold’ or ‘surprise and delight’ don’t miss the simple proposition with cut-through messaging that’s right in front of you.

Words by Nicholas Gill, founder and strategy partner at Team Eleven

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