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Looking for a new marketing event to attend? You need the Internet Marketing Summit…

With the next Internet Marketing Summit taking place on May 8 at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London, we thought we’d give you a few reasons to book your place at the event nice and early.

Put simply, if you’re looking for a new and informative internet marketing focused event, you’ve found it.

First and foremost, the Internet Marketing Summit provides a platform for highly-targeted one-to-one meetings between industry professionals and trusted suppliers. But it also comes with a full programme of educational seminars, allowing all attendees to increase their industry knowledge and develop their skill sets while on site…

Plus, there’s full hospitality throughout, including lunches, a drinks reception and copious networking opportunities to build new business relationships.

But we think the enduring success of the event is best summed up by industry attendees who have visited previously:

The event was very informative; I’ve learnt a lot, especially how to grow and enhance my business further.

The Wall of Comedy

A great event; well organised with a high quality of meeting professionals. Well worth it.

Bright Blue Day

Very productive event; delegates were very willing to engage in conversations.


Great event to meet new suppliers and discover innovative solutions to digital challenges.


We’ve had a really great time. Super well organised event, and I am really positive that we have made some really good contacts.



So there you have it. More bespoke than a conference and more focused than an expo, our marketing Forums and Summits are the only events you need to attend in 2017.

The next Internet Marketing Summit takes place on May 8, 2017 at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London.

For more information or to book your place, call Carlos Dieguez on 01992 374091 or email

Alternatively, visit  

Industry Spotlight: We caught up with Click Consult at the Internet Marketing Summit

The Internet Marketing Summit took place on the 9th May 2016 at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London and was once again, a huge success. The Summit boasted keynote speakers, senior decision-makers from some of the biggest brands and the most innovative product and service providers in digital marketing for a day of match made face-to-face meetings, educational seminars and networking.

We caught up with Click Consult’s senior business development manager, James Price, to find out why they are back at the event for the 7th time.

So, how are you finding the event so far today?

In terms of today, for myself, it’s actually been really, really positive, the meetings have all been very good, very well-qualified people that actually want to speak to [Click Consult] about their needs for our products and services – it’s always been the case here, it’s why we come here so much. It’s been very, very good and personally I’ve always have a good return on investment from these events.

What do you think of the quality of delegates this year and last? At all events you have attended?

If I could have planned it, I couldn’t have planned it any better to be honest, they all wanted exactly what we’ve got and they’ve all really responded – I suppose some of that is down to our process as well as an agency but they’ve really responded to the conversations that we’ve had and I think there will be a lot of follow-up, more than any other event I’ve done for a while actually.

Have you received any business from attending these events?

Yes – we have definitely had business from Forum Events which is why we come back. We won’t do these things if there’s no ROI, we’re a business and if there’s no ROI then we won’t do it; we certainly make enough to pay for the event and get some profit as well, I mean we’ve got some of our biggest clients from these events.

Have you had any fast turnarounds?

Yes, we’ve had a couple – not many – because how I see these events and how they are marketed; it’s a case of getting to know people and starting a relationship. I mean we have had some pretty quick turnarounds as well, but mostly it’s been good long-term business that we’ve gotten from them.

Do you attend trade shows or exhibitions?

We used to invest heavily into trade shows. It was really good for a number of years, certainly when I first joined the company. But I think the quality has now gone down, I think where we’ve moved to as an agency we tend to deal with brands pretty much exclusively now – and the place we meet brands is here so that’s why we choose to come – it fits our profile as a business.

Do you find this format more effective than a trade show or exhibition?

Absolutely, yes. [Trade shows] were very good when it was a lot easier back in the old days because you would come away with contracts from them and it was that easy. But now you have to immerse yourself into your clients business and become a part of it. And with greatest respect in the world, if you go to a trade show, you meet junior members of staff who don’t have decision-making power; the advantage of these kinds of events is you are meeting decision-makers who actually make the final decision, so it’s a good way to start that relationship and it helps us immerse ourselves into their business and their brand as well.

Will you be back next year?

Yes, I don’t see why not.

Founded in 2003, Click Consult is an award-winning agency specialising in SEO and PPC. For more information on Click Consult and the products and services they provide, please
click here.  

The next Internet Marketing Summit will be taking place on 8th May 2017 at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London. To register your interest for this exclusive event, please click here.

Forum Events introduces new Internet Marketing microsite

As part of a wider campaign to support the internet marketing industry, Forum Events has this week launched a new engaging partner microsite for the marketing industry.

The new design has been carefully planned to create a smoother journey to enable partners to better understand Forum’s unique Summit concept.

In 2015, originally consisting of an annual Summit, the brand has since incorporated eConnect – a twice monthly newsletter providing readers with current and informative industry knowledge.

Head of Marketing Katie Houghton comments: ‘The Internet Marketing microsite is just one of 22 new microsites we will be launching over the next few months. It forms part of a wider strategy here at Forum Events to better inform our partners new and existing of the niche events we run across multiple different industries. It will provide a streamlined solution to understand the event, find out more information and to book on easily and seamlessly.’

The Internet Marketing Summit has seen incredible growth and will now benefit from a platform whereby new and existing partners can keep ahead of the game with industry news, book to attend the Summit online and benefit from targeted advertising opportunities which are built in to our overall partner packages.

The next summit is being held on the 9th May 2016 at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London. Click here to find out more.