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Iconic Paul Frank fashion label gives Julius the Monkey web3 threads

Futurity Brands has joined forces with Reality+ to expand the vibrant universe of Paul Frank into what it calls the innovative and inclusive realm of Web3 content and the Metaverse, with the first activations due in 2024.

Paul Frank’s famous Julius The Monkey character has been emblazoned on unique clothing and accessories since the mid-1990s, to become the world’s most loved monkey and a global phenomenon.

Reality+ will work closely with Futurity Brands to create exciting experiences for Paul Frank fans that will once again disrupt the fashion industry, encompassing ‘digital twins’ of fashion items, avatars, artworks and games.

The essence of community that Paul Frank nurtured through his designs finds a parallel in the decentralised and inclusive ethos of Web3, where diverse and dynamic communities converge and interact in ways that transcend physical barriers.

Futurity Brands and Reality+ will explore and amplify these dynamics, crafting experiences where both long-term fans of Paul Frank and its growing Gen Z audience can not only acquire ‘digital twin’ enhanced versions of physical garments and accessories, but also wear them in the Metaverse at fashion shows, nightclubs, concerts or in games.

Fans will also be able to collect exciting generative avatars and artwork based on Paul Frank characters and designs – unique, algorithmically-created digital pieces that further celebrate individuality and creativity, while embracing additional functional utility that will elevate their Metaverse experience and create community connections.

Reality+ assists global brands in navigating the transition to Web3 through immersive experiences crafted with the most engaging platforms and apps in mind. Reality+ utilises protocols that are only carbon neutral and cost-effective, ensuring that the Paul Frank Metaverse is not only vibrant and inclusive, but also responsible and sustainable.

Tony Pearce, Co-Founder of Reality+, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Futurity and the incredible Paul Frank brand. This partnership is not just about pushing the boundaries of Web3; it’s about crafting exciting new experiences for fans of this iconic brand, allowing them to engage with and express themselves in the Metaverse in ways that were previously unimaginable.”

Stan Wan, Chairman and CEO of Futurity Brands, said: “Together with Reality+ we are excited to bring the Paul Frank brand into the unlimited possibilities of web3 and the Metaverse. Fans of Paul Frank from around the world will soon have new ways of meaningful engagements and deeper connections with the brand. We are delighted to be on this experiential journey with Tony and his team.”