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WHITE PAPER: Outsourcing Partnerships vs Service Providers

Webmart explores the differences between a partnership and service provider relationship, and how this can impact the result that marketing teams desire. The difference between a partnership or service provider can drastically impact the way a brands personality comes across in the end result. 

The following guide discusses an approach to finding and selecting the right outsource provider for you and your brand. And how a two-way, transparent approach can help build a long standing and productive partnership.

Plus, ways to ask the right questions to find a suitable partner for your brand. A partner becomes the extension of a marketing department that can offer advice and collaborate to get the most out of what is needed, so it is vital to find the right one.  

In addition, Webmart discusses how technology can help maximise the human, by automating processes that do not add any value whether they are done by a computer or a human. By using technology, this frees up a human’s time to focus on creativity, which will help boost performance further. 

To view the guide, click here, or get in contact with Webmart to discuss partnership opportunities on 01869 321 321 or

WHITE PAPER: Direct mail for e-commerce brands in a digital world

By Webmart

The argument over whether digital marketing or direct mail is the most effective to engage customers is widely contested. There is a variety of research that suggests that one is better than the other. However, at Webmart, we believe that the channels should be used together to complement one another to get the most out of the marketing mix, increase brand awareness and boost performance. 

You will, no doubt, invest a lot of time, effort, and money into optimising your digital presence as an e-commerce brand. After all, your business is online, it makes sense to invest in ensuring your online presence is as strong as it can be, but achieving cut through can be challenging! With the support of mail, the value of your brand awareness can be enhanced and cut through can be increased. Direct mail can be incredibly effective in increasing the brand value and growing an online presence. 

With the ever-changing environment in these uncertain times, the digital market is becoming more saturated as digital use goes through the roof. Which is great news for e-commerce brands, but the cut through rate to get the reader’s attention is even harder to grab. 75% of people that have used digital for the first time have suggested that they will continue to use it when things get back to “normal” (McKinsey Digital, 2020). Which means that there is an even greater opportunity to encourage new prospects and customers onto e-commerce sites. 

To help with this, many brands are utilising traditional channels like direct mail to achieve that cut through and improve the performance of their digital campaigns. For example, mail recipients spend an average of 31% longer engaging with the brand’s social media content and remember the online content for longer by an average of 44% (MarketReach/Neuro-Insight, 2018).

Download Webmart’s whitepaper to understand how direct mail can help to increase your ROI on campaigns, and how we use the levers approach to make sure that best practice is achieved to enhance direct mail campaigns for e-commerce brands.