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Alice ter Haar, Personal Development Evangelist II Senior Manager, EU Marketing, Deliveroo II Alice ter Haar Consults

“Grow like a badass unicorn – how to unleash your potential like a start-up”

Each of us has the potential to grow as fast and big as $1billion unicorn start-ups. All we need is personal development so that we can know and be our best possible selves…

  • Learn about the key drivers for business success from a founding marketer of Europe’s fastest-growing company, Deliveroo
  • Apply learnings such as developing a niche and nailing your value proposition to your personal and professional life in order to grow at pace and scale
  • Look at how applying your own unicorn-horn, your “growth-mindset,” to your personal self is the most powerful tool you have in creating the space to thrive
  • Take time for self-reflection and come away with tangible takeaways, including a snapshot of your goals and the value you deliver to drive your development forward

Andrew Davis, Keynote Speaker & Trainer in Social Media & Content Marketing, Talk Dygital

“Putting the ‘So What?” in content marketing today”

Every successful online campaign has content at the heart of it, but why does it work for some and fail for the vast majority?
Today we focus on creating relevant content in 2020.

  • 2 factors that affect all online decisions.
  • Creating content in a multipurpose world.
  • Once you click ‘publish’ how can the relevant people find your content?
  • How do we create engaging content that sparks conversations.
  • Was our content successful? How we combine content with our marketing objectives.

Tim Stone, Global Head of Revenue Marketing, Selligent Marketing Cloud

“The Connected Consumer”

Hear the results of a new global index report where 5,000 consumers from around the world talk about their behaviour and the tech trends that influence their brand interactions.

  • Hear the latest research from 5000 consumers & get their views on personalization and privacy;
  • Learn how to deliver omni-channel personalization experiences to maximize every marketing moment;
  • Learn how AI can accelerate personalization;
  • Hear real life stories from brands and their experiences building personalization at scale
  • Get inspired on how other companies have designed and completed an effective decision process

Andy Letting, Head of Digital, GLH.

AI: revitalising and automating email marketing

Demonstrating how AI enhances the customer journey through email and how the data enables modern day marketer to make the right decision faster.

  • Digital Recap
  • What is AI
  • What is Marketing Automation
  • Content Strategy
  • Maximising email conversion