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Headline Partner

ON24, Inc.

Short description: ON24, helping you to create exceptional webinars, virtual events and personalised content experiences that drive engagement with audiences everywhere.


Digital Media Team

We are dmt. Dedicated to helping eCommerce brands grow and scale with impeccable efficiency. Meta Premium Partners, Google Premier Partners, Klaviyo Platinum Partners, TikTok Shopping Partners, and the only agency in the UK with access to ROI Hunter – software with the tools to dynamically boost your business’s performance and profitability.

Dotdigital is a customer engagement platform that helps digital marketers and developers deliver communications across the customer journey. We harness the power of customer data, powering engagement, conversion, and loyalty for brands as they grow and scale. Customers love our easy-to-use platform that connects first party data across their systems, surfacing powerful insights and automating predictive cross-channel messages.


We’re Favoured, and we’re here to help you get more customers and boost your profits. We’re specialists in results-driven performance marketing to deliver fantastic results for our clients. Clients love us because of our proactive communication, our strategic approach to marketing, and our funky creativity! We have industry experts (sneak preview: our co-founder is a former Apple marketing lead) who will support your business through full-funnel marketing. From attracting new people to converting them into customers, to engaging and retaining them long-term – we’ve got you covered. Let’s get creative, let’s get clever, and let’s smash your marketing goals. We have full video production in-house including TikTok content creators, so we can develop best-in-class creative to maximise the performance of your campaigns. Chat to us today. We’d love to talk to you & see how we can help your business reach the next level.


ON24 is on a mission to re-imagine how companies engage, understand and build relationships with their audience in a digital world. Through our leading sales and marketing platform for digital engagement, businesses use our portfolio of webinar, virtual event and content experiences to drive engagement and generate first-party data, delivering revenue growth across the enterprise – from demand generation to customer success to partner enablement.

Verint Systems UK Ltd
The management thinker Peter Drucker once said: “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, the product and service fits him and sells itself.” Almost 10,000 organisations across the globe, including the best-known and most admired brands, use Verint technology to truly understand and connect with customers. We help you to:
*Merge insights from contact centre, chat, online feedback, surveys and digital behaviour into a single, unified view to fuel tactical, operational, and strategic actions that improve loyalty and conversion.
*Deliver exceptional conversational experiences through personalised conversations, smart automation and AI across messaging channels.
*Avoid misinformation through ‘fan forums’ and deliver up-to-the-minute, accurate information to customers – whether they are browsing online, proactively self-serving or speaking to your customer team.
With several cost-effective, scalable, cloud-based solutions (which can be chosen individually or connected together) Verint technology transforms customer understanding and powers customer engagement.

Woven Agency

We are Woven. An award-winning brand engagement agency, and HubSpot partner. Our mission is simple: to make brands work beautifully by elevating design-conscious, brands with long-term strategic thinking and creative.