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  • A how-to guide to Legitimate Interest Assessments

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    As a business, you need to market your services beyond your own walls. However you’re also aware that you need to comply with GDPR… and PECR!

    So how can you balance getting the word out, while also meeting personal data obligations?

    There are six lawful basis set out in the GDPR to justify the processing of personal data – Legitimate Interest being one of them. But many businesses are unsure how to apply it for business to business (b2b) marketing communications.

    So what exactly is Legitimate Interest, when can you use it, and how can you actually do it?

    Download the guide to read:

    • When you can use Legitimate Interest
    • Examples of Legitimate Interest
    • The 3 stages of Legitimate Interest Assessments (LIAs)
    • Tips to remember
    • Bonus: Free Legitimate Interest Assessment Template

    Legitimate Interest can be a great option for some businesses, but you need to follow the proper steps to protect yourself, your business, and the rights of your data subjects. You will need to demonstratethat your interests are not overridden by the interests of the individuals in question. And you do that by carrying out a Legitimate Interest Assessment.

    If you would like to discuss LIAs – or the GDPR at large – in more detail, and how the Regulations relate to your campaigns, please contact Nigel Copp at KPM Group. 


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