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  • Content Compass: A tool to power your Performance Content

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    By Kate Birtwistle, New Business & Marketing Director at agenda21

    There is so much content being published every day. But how do you know what content to produce for your brand, what’s going to be interesting and relevant to your audience, and what impact it will have on your business?

    Digital marketing agency – agenda21 – have developed a tool which answers these very questions, and is revolutionising the way brands approach content marketing. By using the tool – Content Compass – brands are able to deliver competitive, empowered content that’s created from the aggregation of an entire market’s search data. Rigorously filtered to reflect specific topics, the tool speeds up the research and ideation process to help get quality content over the line and published faster.

    Originating as an SEO tool, Content Compass allows brands to find, use and sort all their competitors (and their) search query and ranking data to help build relevant, authoritative pages that will out-perform competitors on the search engine results page (SERPs). It can also see where direct competitors are under-performing and where there are other opportunities for content production.

    By taking advantage of these opportunities, Content Compass helps brands to grow online visibility both by targeting untapped searches for information and improving topic relevance to help their website rank when people search to buy their products or services.

    How does it work?

    High quality content strategies begin and end with data. Content Compass ingests a huge amount of information, such as search queries, volumes, ranking pages and position. Included in this is competitor data, which allows us to easily benchmark how a brand’s site is performing within their market sector for a specific topic or single query.

    The tool also allows the flexibility  to analyse each competitor page and see exactly why it’s ranking well. What does that mean for brands? It’s a clear insight into best practice content for their specific industry, exposing what their competitors do well, and opportunities that competitors are missing, that the brand can then capitalise on.

    What are the benefits?

    • Quick to understand topic areas, saving valuable time on laborious research – that’s more time than can be spent on creating brilliant content!
    • Richer volume of data available from a larger competitor set, sorted using machine learning
    • Find untapped opportunities and spot gaps for content insights
    • Data updated monthly, so we’re always using recent keyword data and accurate rankings of how content is performing

    If you’d like to find out more about how Content Compass can help your content marketing and SEO, please contact Kate Birtwistle, New Business & Marketing Director at agenda21 – kbirtwistle@agenda21digital.com.


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