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  • Go digital at the Internet Marketing Summit

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    Rapidly revolutionising the dynamics of the business world, the use of the internet has become increasingly critical to the success of organisations. Businesses need to take advantage of this new medium to interact with their consumers by incorporating digital into their strategies and adopting the latest technologies available.

    Traditional marketing approaches; snail mail, trade shows and print advertising, have become a thing of the past. Businesses now need to go digital to connect with their customers. Marketing strategies and tactics must therefore be conceived with today’s digital nature in mind.

    Opening up the world of business, the internet has significantly contributed to the removal of trade barriers. Through the use of the internet, companies are able to reach a wider audience by trading globally. Though this is largely advantageous, there are also limitations businesses must keep in mind. With over 30 million domain names online trying to reach out to potential consumers, competition has never been higher.

    Now more than ever, businesses need to optimise their marketing strategies to improve their visibility and name recognition worldwide. To be on the forefront of digital, businesses need to be innovating constantly. The challenge is for brands to connect with customers through all these devices and networks in real time, creating campaigns that work across social media, display advertising and eCommerce.

    The Internet Marketing Summit is an event designed to draw on the combined skills, knowledge and expertise of the digital community to develop new strategies and tackle the challenges that the digital future presents.

    Offering invaluable digital insight to senior marketing professionals; the Internet Marketing Summit provides unparalleled industry access to the latest products and services to help businesses enhance their marketing strategies. Maximising productivity with face-to-face meetings; the Internet Marketing Summit uses a unique matchmaking formula to bring delegates and the most innovative product and service providers together.

    Featuring a comprehensive seminar programme, this year’s Summit will be welcoming prominent industry influencers, including speakers from Metropolis International, The ID Group and many more, to provide an update on policy and share best practice strategies on all facets of digital marketing.

    Welcoming senior representatives from Bupa Global, Hilton Worldwide, Tesco, Vision Express, yoomoo and many more; the Internet Marketing Summit is a well-established platform to learn from the experts on how to encompass the latest technologies into a marketing strategy.

    Returning for its 8th year, the Internet Marketing Summit is a day of ideas, inspirations, tools and tactics to help businesses succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment, giving marketers the expertise to transform their strategies in line with the latest technologies. Featuring keynote speakers, leading brands and the biggest brains in the industry, the Internet Marketing Summit is the ideal place for industry professionals to get their fix on the latest trends, updates and innovations in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

    The annual Internet Marketing Summit will take place on May 9th at the Grange Tower Bridge, London. Attendance to the Internet Marketing Summit is exclusively limited to senior marketing professionals and product and service providers in the industry, to secure your place at the event please contact:

    Amy Ktori
    Event Sales Manager
    E: a.ktori@forumevents.co.uk
    T: 01992 666729