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  • Gender diversity growth to double by 2020

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    The gender gap across the advertising industry has largely improved within the last 10 years, according to new figures.

    Part of an annual diversity survey by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), the study shows that a balanced workplace is among the industry’s top priorities this year, with a 100% response rate from IPA’s largest agencies.

    The data revealed that employment positions such as heads of department, middle managers and other senior staff are considered to be equally balanced with around a 50-50 male-female split.

    Higher managerial positions are still struggling to be defined as ‘balanced’ (over 40%), with C-suite positions such as CEO or Chair lagging behind at around 30%. However, this is still an increase on the 23.3% from 10 years ago, growth which is hoped to over double to to 40% by 2020.

    “2016 will be remembered as a year when the issue of diversity rose to the top of the agenda,” said IPA president Tom Knox, “but if we are to achieve our targets of gender parity, now is the time to put these thoughts into action.”

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