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  • Industry Spotlight: Free help to improve your WordPress

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    WhoisWP is a free online detector tool that analyzes any website created with WordPress. The results reveal what WordPress theme a site is using, with the aims to eliminate time spent browsing the WordPress theme directory.

    Hoping to save time and encourage inspiration, WhoisWIP can also list WordPress plugins installed on the site, helping you learn from your competitors and WordPress leaders.

    Based on visual content and usability research, the team in charge of this project developed this tool to obtain an improvement in the way people express their creative vision when designing their own website.

    Their site also features a constantly updated blog section, in order to bring users the latest information.

    The premise behind WhoisWP is that “copying someone’s style is flattering and a means to perpetuate the idea further so that more people can enjoy it.” says Ionut Marin, the WhoisWP project manager.

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