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Paddington versus Coca Cola – who’s making consumers ‘feel’ Xmas?

It may still be November (just), but for marketeers the Christmas season started way back. For many consumers, it started when John Lewis dropped the latest in its now iconic festive TV campaign – but where does the department store’s Moz the Monster creative sit with viewers?

According to recent research by Realeyes, the John Lewis ad isn’t even in the top 10. Realeyes uses webcam and facial recognition technology to measure how people feel when they view advertisements. And Lucid tracked over 3,000 viewers to track their engagement.

Their results showed that the Coca-Cola ‘Gogglebox Holidays Are Coming’ creative topped the poll. John Lewis’ Moz the Monster campaign listed at just number 17.

The top ads for creating emotions, according to Realeyes, are:-

Coca-Cola – Gogglebox Holidays Are Coming

Vodafone – A Christmas Love Story

McDonalds – Carrot Stick Christmas

M&S – Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

Currys/PC World – Merry Techmas

H Samuel – Beautiful Christmas Gifts

Waitrose – Christmas Gifts

Heathrow – Bears Christmas

Pandora – Do You Get What You Wish For?

Tesco – Turkey, Every Which Way

“Whilst the hype around Christmas ads has now become a national pastime, it’s sometimes forgotten that their job is to help sell more products and people’s emotional response plays a big part in where they decide to shop,” says Mihkel Jäätma, Realeyes’ chief executive.

“This year saw advertisers trying to be more authentic by using real-life situations, humour and romance to relate to people, which could be seen as a way to cheer them up via universal themes after what’s been another divisive and turbulent year.”

Best global brand awarded to Apple for fourth consecutive year…

Despite attracting some questionable headlines of late, theBest Global Brands’ report devised by Interbrand has voted Apple as the ‘Best’ for the fourth consecutive year – taking into account its influence on customers, the strength it has to command a premium price, and overall financial performance.

After experiencing a 5 per cent increase in growth this year, Apple narrowly beat Google to secure the top spot; in addition to Coca-Cola (-7 per cent), Amazon (+33 per cent) and Samsung (+14 per cent). The top 29 positions were filled by automotive and technology brands, as well as the financial sector maintaining a strong performance with a total of 12 inclusions.

Interbrand’s global chief executive officer, Jez Frampton, commented on this year’s report: “These brands clearly understand their ‘anatomy of growth’ – that it’s complex, nuanced, and personal. For each brand, growth means something different, and every story is unique. The best brands are looking inward and outward, expanding into new markets, creating better experiences. They’re not just weathering change, they’re driving it.”


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