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Openreach drops BT logo

Openreach has ditched the BT logo from its marketing identity as part of an agreement with Ofcom.

It comes as part of a bid to work independently from the BT Group, following the regulator’s Digital Communications Review in March 2017.

By dropping the BT branding Openreach believes that it will be treating all partners equally, including Sky, Vodafone and TalkTalk – along with BT.

Work to update the brand begins this month and continues through to April 2021, and includes new signage on over 22,000 company vans, websites, apps, stationery and workwear.

“The re-brand is also an opportunity to restate what Openreach stands for and how we want to work going forward. Openreach is all about our people and our network,” commented Clive Selley, chief executive, Openreach.

Selley concluded: “We’re demonstrating our independence, to customers and industry, in other ways too. For example, we’re changing the way we do business with our customers: we now have a confidential phase to our consultations which allows communications providers to talk about their business strategies privately with Openreach.”

ACE comes together to tackle online piracy

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) has outlined an initiative to try and tackle online piracy.

Members of ACE include Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Amazon, MGM, SKY and BBC Worldwide.

The creative sector in the US alone contributes over $1 trillion to the economy, and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon, with consumers now able to pick from over 480 online services.

However, online content means piracy is rampant, with an estimated 5.4 billion illegal downloads of films and TV shows in 2016.

Piracy not only prevents profits from reaching the creators, but can also leave malware on machines used by downloaders.

The new initiative by ACE will see them work with law enforcement agencies while conducting research, file civil litigation and work with national content organisations.

Martin Freeman, general counsel at BBC Worldwide said: “The ACE initiative is hugely important at a time when content consumption habits are rapidly shifting and methods of piracy are becoming more and more sophisticated.”

Walt Disney Company senior executive vice president, general counsel and secretary, Alan Braverman, said: “ACE will help protect the viability of the creative community and ensure audiences continue to enjoy the high-quality content they have come to expect. It enhances our collective efforts to fight online piracy by disrupting the criminal enterprises that profit from the theft of copyrighted content, while promoting the legal market for that content, and ultimately gives consumers greater confidence that their viewing choices are not supporting unlawful activities.”