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Love Island 2018 – Influencer Power List revealed

Dani & Jack were the winning couple on last night’s Love Island 2018 finale, but they weren’t the only winners to emerge from this summer’s reality show saga – plenty of their housemates now have careers as celebrity influencers waiting for them.

Reports are already suggesting that the Islanders are on course to cash in £millions thanks to public appearances and social media campaigns, and even the those who left the villa early will have the opportunity to make the most of their new celebrity status.

Indeed, according to new data from Filter Digital, ‘love rat’ Adam Collard ranks ahead of finalists Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson, as well as ahead of Dr Alex George, when it comes to their fan following across social media channels.

Unsurprisingly, Love Island 2018 winners Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham top the list of Islander Influencers, but their combined followers still fall short of Love Island host Caroline Flack.

Georgia ‘Little G’ Steel comes up close behind Jack Fincham. Kendall Rae-Knight, who was the first to be dumped from the Island, surprisingly scores highly – ahead of finalists Laura Anderson, Josh Denzel and Kazimir Crossley, who all failed to make the Top 10.

Overall Love Island 2018 Influencer Power List (Top 10)

  1. Caroline Flack – 3.7m Fans
  2. Dani Dyer – 1.9m Fans
  3. Jack Fincham – 1.4m Fans
  4. Georgia Steel – 1.3m Fans
  5. Adam Collard – 0.97m Fans
  6. Alex George – 0.94m Fans
  7. Samira Mighty – 0.85m Fans
  8. Megan Barton Hanson – 0.85m Fans
  9. Wes Nelson – 0.84m Fans
  10. Kendall Rae-Knight – 0.81m Fans

To see the full Love Island 2018 Influencer Power List with all contestants, go to:

Filter Digital crunched the numbers through its Sportstar Influencer platform, which usually evaluates marketing value of sports players and teams through a combination of social following, engagement metrics and team performance.

The platform uses social, engagement, media, and sentiment datapoints to rate and rank sports players against each other, comparing them at a local, national and international level.

“The Love Island contestants have been making new media careers for themselves while sunbathing and dealing with the intricacies of love and the heart,” said Oliver Morrison, CEO at Filter Digital. “By better understanding how the contestants rank against one another across social media, brands can take better decisions over where they spend their budgets.”