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The Drum

‘Print still valuable’ says Liberty London as it launches beauty magazine

High-end department store, Liberty London, has launched an editorial magazine promoting its beauty products.

25,000 copies of ’Beauty’ will be published and distributed in-store, with a further 50,000 mailed direct to customers on the Liberty Loyalty customer scheme.

The main focus of the brand will be to drive footfall to its store, along with cross-brand loyalty.

Speaking with The Drum, Madeleine Macey, marketing and communications manager, said they want to offer a physical copy that customers can keep.

“We believe print still has a value to our customer – that special moment when you can pour over great stories and maybe learn something you didn’t know before about a brand or a process,” commented Macey.

“There are no full-on ‘advertorial’ spreads in the premium magazine, and the glossy is operating an invite-only policy around which brands can snap up its ad space. “We only stock the brands we truly believe in, and therefore we only invite people to advertise who we also truly believe in.”

The magazine had been developed with creative communications agency Portas, with content repurposed for Liberty’s own site and pushed across social network platforms.

The first issue features an article on Liberty London’s founders.

Fake news a ‘growing concern’ amongst consumers

A report by KPMG has found that 46% of under-35s have expressed a growing concern at the rise of fake news.

Over 2,000 adults from across the UK were surveyed on their attitudes and consumption of different media channels, with television coming out tops as the single most trusted source of media (65%).

As far as trust is concerned, social media failed to ignite consumer confidence, with 46% “apprehensive” regarding content published across the platform, and only 13% satisfied with the content in their streams.

Media firms are advised to do more to prioritise trust among their readership within the report.

Talking to The Drum, David Elms, UK head of media at KPMG said: “The speed and volume at which information is shared and consumed today makes the lines between news, entertainment, fact and opinion harder to discern. Reputable sources are displayed side-by-side with opinions and sensationalism and, increasingly, it is algorithms, not journalists, which decide which content we see first, or at all. The currency of the internet is engagement, but engagement doesn’t necessarily reflect accuracy and has eroded trust in news sources.

“There is an opportunity for media companies to differentiate their brand by building and ensuring trust at both a consumer and corporate level. Quality, and trust in that quality, is a value differentiator for many established media companies. The appetite for quality news is strong, but the right balance of quality and a price point that’s attractive to consumers hasn’t yet been found. As such, media businesses need to continue innovating.”