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Emerging video app Tiki wants to be the powerhouse for upcoming stars

Obtaining millions of views in less than a month is not just a dream. That’s what one can achieve on an emerging social platform named Tiki now being launched in the Middle East by DOL Technology.

Under its latest #TikiTalent campaign, more than 33.3M views have been reached and the number doesn’t cease to grow. Among diverse sub-tags covering sports, lifestyle, photography, food, music, etc., the most viewed one is #DancingStar with 2.2M views.

Behind the rising creator economy are the booming social media platforms in this region. For instance, Saudi Arabia leads an exponential annual growth of 8.7% in the social media industry and plans to embrace more opportunities with the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 Program.

In a region swarming with social platforms, it’s fair to ask why it’s worth trying Tiki. Here’s what the company says are its USPs:

  • Creator-first Platform

As a place for real talents and future stars, Tiki endeavors to allow every user to cultivate their gifts and talents to be the expert and realize their dream. No talented person will be disregarded in Tiki. Creator-first approach by focusing on creator development, content coaching, co-marketing, community building, and talent monetizing.

  • Entertaining, Localized & Authentic Content

Tiki is dedicated to providing localized supports for local talents from different backgrounds. It’s respectful to local cultures and proud to give local content an exclusive stage. Tiki’s brand values are spreading happiness, sharing knowledge, telling inspiring stories, and moving to the rhythm.

  • Community Value

Creators can build their fan base from ground zero, and fans can send direct supports and get in real touch with their favorite creators. Tiki spares no efforts to foster the connections for you by exciting functions like Leaderboard, Future Star, and endless campaigns like #TikiTalent.

“We’re starting a movement to empower creators to showcase their talents to their community and achieve fame from their passions and talents. It’s a place for real talents to pursue their own idea of success,” said Ian Goh, Operations Director of Tiki MENA.

Tiki doesn’t want to be seen as just another short video app – it described itself as a “glocalized” platform redefining the standard for short video creation and sharing.

Developed by Singapore-based DOL Technology and launched in 2021, Tiki has 16 million monthly active users.