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WEBINAR: Maximise your time and gain the competitive advantage

By Woven Agency

Thriving in business means maximising your competitive advantages. That could be offering something no one else can or investing in ambitious, talented people. It might even mean employing insights-driven and creative branding agencies – like us. 

But the competitive advantage you really can maximise, no matter how big or small you are, is how you use your time. Because the better you use it, the more it’s worth – and this is especially true for sales and marketing teams.

As a brand agency, we’ve worked with numerous sales and marketing divisions and we know that while they want to spend their time actually selling and marketing, all too often they can’t. Instead, they’re chasing cold leads, rearranging meetings, writing emails from scratch, or struggling to remember who said what and when to their clients.

These teams don’t make the most of their time, which means they don’t make the most of their talent.

To prevent this, we use a user-friendly and highly automated CRM (customer relationship management) platform called HubSpot.

HubSpot’s sales pitch talks about attracting more customers and creating life-long advocates of your brand. And it does do that. But the message, to us, is simpler – it helps you spend less time doing what you shouldn’t, and more time doing what you should.

It takes those time-consuming tasks that slow down and infuriate your sales and marketing teams and makes them a simple part of your process. 

Which means less time doing manual tasks and more time creating marketing strategies, meeting clients, producing amazing creative, and closing deals.

Or more time at home with your family or on the sofa with a glass of Chablis. Whatever works for you.

To us, maximising your time is a competitive advantage, and HubSpot let you do it easily. And because we’re a HubSpot partner agency – which means they officially recognise we provide great service to our clients through their platform – we help companies use their time more effectively and more profitably.

So, if you want your time to be worth more, contact us at

And if you’d like to learn more about HubSpot, you can register for our ‘Unboxing HubSpot’s Growth Platform’ webinar – a 60-minute webinar on 14th August hosted by Woven & HubSpot to take you through everything you need to know about how HubSpot can improve your business.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Woven brand engagement agency

By Hollie Denby, Head of Sales & Marketing, Woven

Successful branding? It’s about consistency.

As a brand agency with over 20 years’ experience, we know that every interaction with your brand is an opportunity to win a customer. Or lose one.

Businesses understand this when it comes to meetings or phone calls with existing or prospective customers. But they often drop the ball when they translate their brand into the online world.

A brand’s online experience matters as much as its offline one. A business that sells a great product and that has great people can still be undone by a poorly optimised website. It can still be hampered by unengaging email campaigns and a bone-dry social media presence. And it can still fall down due to lacklustre design and forgettable messaging.

Your online brand is a many-sided thing – a blog, a website, an Instagram feed, a banner ad, an automated chatbot. But however it manifests, it must always convey who you are: your values, your identity, and the benefit you bring to the world. 

This is what we do at Woven. We make sure you’re always at your best by putting who you truly are into everything you do. So that no matter how someone interacts with your brand – whether it’s offline or online – you know they’re getting the best possible version of yourself.

Because in a world where brands strive to be everywhere – online, on social media, in print and out of home – it’s never been more important for your voice to be interesting, different and – yes – consistent.

Find your consistent voice at