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    By Hollie Denby, Head of Sales & Marketing, Woven

    Successful branding? It’s about consistency.

    As a brand agency with over 20 years’ experience, we know that every interaction with your brand is an opportunity to win a customer. Or lose one.

    Businesses understand this when it comes to meetings or phone calls with existing or prospective customers. But they often drop the ball when they translate their brand into the online world.

    A brand’s online experience matters as much as its offline one. A business that sells a great product and that has great people can still be undone by a poorly optimised website. It can still be hampered by unengaging email campaigns and a bone-dry social media presence. And it can still fall down due to lacklustre design and forgettable messaging.

    Your online brand is a many-sided thing – a blog, a website, an Instagram feed, a banner ad, an automated chatbot. But however it manifests, it must always convey who you are: your values, your identity, and the benefit you bring to the world. 

    This is what we do at Woven. We make sure you’re always at your best by putting who you truly are into everything you do. So that no matter how someone interacts with your brand – whether it’s offline or online – you know they’re getting the best possible version of yourself.

    Because in a world where brands strive to be everywhere – online, on social media, in print and out of home – it’s never been more important for your voice to be interesting, different and – yes – consistent.

    Find your consistent voice at woven.agency.

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