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Industry Spotlight

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Woven brand engagement agency

By Hollie Denby, Head of Sales & Marketing, Woven

Successful branding? It’s about consistency.

As a brand agency with over 20 years’ experience, we know that every interaction with your brand is an opportunity to win a customer. Or lose one.

Businesses understand this when it comes to meetings or phone calls with existing or prospective customers. But they often drop the ball when they translate their brand into the online world.

A brand’s online experience matters as much as its offline one. A business that sells a great product and that has great people can still be undone by a poorly optimised website. It can still be hampered by unengaging email campaigns and a bone-dry social media presence. And it can still fall down due to lacklustre design and forgettable messaging.

Your online brand is a many-sided thing – a blog, a website, an Instagram feed, a banner ad, an automated chatbot. But however it manifests, it must always convey who you are: your values, your identity, and the benefit you bring to the world. 

This is what we do at Woven. We make sure you’re always at your best by putting who you truly are into everything you do. So that no matter how someone interacts with your brand – whether it’s offline or online – you know they’re getting the best possible version of yourself.

Because in a world where brands strive to be everywhere – online, on social media, in print and out of home – it’s never been more important for your voice to be interesting, different and – yes – consistent.

Find your consistent voice at

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: New Perspective Digital Print & Creative

As a digital print business with global clients our aim before Covid-19, now and certainly after, is two-fold. Firstly, prioritising the well-being and safety of our staff. Secondly, providing a consistently high-level of service and exceptional print to our clients. Of course, it’s not exactly business as usual, but it is still business.

Similar to other SMEs we have implemented the necessary government measures to ensure our two priorities are maintained. While other print companies are struggling to meet consumer demand, we have had no issues and continue to stick to our client guarantees.

So, if you’re looking for business cards, greetings card, booklets, books, calendars, stationery, posters and everything printable in-between then why not take a look at our website or call our Print team.

In recent months we have expanded to include design and creative services such as, Logo design, Artwork design and Proof-reading.

With New Perspective Digital Print & Creative you can cut out the middle man and get your design and print work done in one place. We offer 3 free pdf amendments to all our clients who print with us.

If you want to see for yourself what we can do, why not ask us for a free sample pack or colour match? We’re here, and we’re ready to help.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Strange – 20 years of digital

By Strange

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of digital agency Strange, making it one of the longest established specialist agencies in the South of England.

Much has changed in the digital world since Strange began designing and building customised websites from its Bournemouth base in 2000. Now with a second office in Bristol, the agency has become one of the region’s leading providers of digital marketing services, with the main focus on giving businesses a competitive edge by delivering better digital performance.

Today, the focus is on ‘best in class’ CMS and ecommerce websites along with a full range of digital marketing services. As a result, the agency has become a specialist in the open source systems Drupal, Magento and WordPress as well as platforms such as Shopify and Spryker. Digital marketing services include PPC, social media, display, affiliate, SEO, CRM and email marketing, as well as conversion rate optimisation, analytics and tracking.

 “Clients appreciate that what we offer is better digital marketing” explained Paul Honey, Managing Director of Strange. “They know that ‘good’ just isn’t good enough, and understand that ‘the best’ is often unrealistic given budget constraints.”

Clients include companies and non-profits from a wide range of sectors, with Merlin Entertainments, Animal, Amnesty International, Brittany Ferries, Fujifilm and Merlin Entertainments among many others. Strange has also picked up some major awards along the way such as winning the Marketing Excellence in Travel and Tourism award for Merlin (Masterclassing), and Integrated Campaign of the Year for Brittany Ferries (Gold Winner, Chartered Institute of Marketing Travel Awards).

Director and Founder Jonathan Boston said: “Things have certainly changed in the past 20 years with the rise of open source platforms, social media and digital marketing. But no matter how our environment has changed, our team has remained focused on giving clients real value and that will always stay the same.”

Read more about Strange here 

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Datawrkz – Digital Advertising & Advanced Analytics

Datawrkz is a 6-year-old digital advertising and advanced analytics firm with offices in the US, Singapore, and India.

Through our work with mainstream agencies and advertisers over the past 6 years, Datawrkz has been helping large- and medium-sized brands with their web/app analytics, 1st party data management & segmentation, and digital media buying needs across programmatic, search, and social channels.

A combination of rich digital media buying experience with a proprietary Demand Side Platform, and an in-house built Customer Data Platform (CDP) help Datawrkz bring a unique blend of capabilities to the eCommerce ecosystem.

We have:

  1. An Experienced Digital Media Buying Team – For cross-channel media buying needs
  2. Customer Data Platform – To provide advanced web/app analytics and an integrated overview of customer information and behaviour across channels

A Proprietary Demand Side Platform – To help you target custom 1st party audience segments

+91 80 2572 4944

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Mrs Digital end-to-end digital marketing

Since 1999, we’ve built a team of talented marketers and honed our craft as a performance driven agency. We exist for one reason: to provide you with a truly unrivalled, end-to-end digital marketing service.

Our unwavering focus is on people and the commercial value we bring to any business’ work in the online space, and as a result, their bottom line. We’ve spent years developing our craft just for you and work with every client with pride and full transparency.

We truly care about the work we do, our client relationships, and mean it when we say we become an extension of your brand. Request your free search marketing audit (completed by a real human!) now and let’s talk.

To find out more, visit

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: itsapproved – Clever print management software from Cestrian

At Cestrian, we increasingly hear from our retail clients that they really value the technology solutions we provide to them, as well as the printing process itself.

Like retail, trends within printing have changed rapidly over time, making adaptation the key to survival. Meanwhile, innovation has always been a central focus for the Cestrian team, as we constantly seek new avenues to improve our service and take inspiration from advances in other industries.

itsapproved means truly agile printing

We introduced itsapproved to unify, simplify and streamline manual print management tasks for our clients – and it certainly seems to be working, with case studies showing it can make a 71% saving in manual administration time.

It’s a cloud-based print management system that allows retailers to:

  • Automate repetitive manual tasks, thus reducing time and the risk of errors
  • Automate real-time notifications on the status of print jobs
  • Accelerate the time to market, with ‘pre-flight’ artwork checks for efficiency and speed
  • Quickly upload, back up and archive information, using cloud storage
  • Use mobile device apps to check jobs on the go (iOS and Android)

Want to find out how itsapproved could make your print campaigns better? Talk to the Cestrian team today…

Phone us: 0161 488 3300

Email us:

Follow us on Twitter:

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Point-of-Sale Graphics – A full service from Cestrian

Effective retail displays not only engage consumer attention, but also represent your brand, provide a wayfinding guide, create an immersive experience and complement other displays throughout a store.

That’s why Cestrian does a lot more than just print. We draw together creative ideas, innovative techniques and world-class technology to bring your point-of-sale graphics to life.

We also aim to make the process smooth and hassle-free, from concept and testing right through to distribution – including storing, picking, packing and delivery.

Our innovative range of POS display products includes:

  • Free standing display units (FSDUs) – check out our brochure
  • Totem displays – created using our tension fabric systems
  • Window graphics
  • Vinyl floor graphics
  • Hanging signs
  • Counter display units (CDU)
  • Point of purchase displays (POP)

And we also create small-yet-impactful products such as:

  • POS stacking cubes
  • Bollard covers
  • Standees and cut-outs
  • Strut cards
  • Shelf strips and wobblers

Want to upgrade your POS displays? Simply tell us what you want to achieve, then we’ll recommend a package tailored to your needs.

Phone us: 0161 488 3300

Email us:

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Cestrian is one of the UK’s leading visual brand communications manufacturers and has been successfully delivering exceptional campaigns for over 20 years. We’re part of the Arian Group, one of Europe’s most modern and forward-focused point-of-sale specialists.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Fabric frames and lightboxes – Vivid retail displays from Cestrian

The fight for consumer attention has never been tougher – so if you want your retail displays to really stand out, we’ve got a flexible solution to make them bigger, brighter and much, much more beautiful.

Cestrian’s tension fabric systems (TFS) can not only display huge printed graphics, but also accessories such as digital screens and shelves, to celebrate and demonstrate your latest products.

They’re created by stretching digitally printed fabric graphics across modular aluminium frames, for a seamless, crease-free finish. Whether you want to cover an entire wall or introduce a free-standing focal point, fabric frames are versatile and can be tailored to suit any brand or store.

The benefits of Cestrian’s fabric frame displays include:

  • Razor-sharp, vibrant imagery – printed to our impeccable standards
  • A wide choice of textiles, depending on the look you want to create
  • Powder-coated frames to match the colours of your brand
  • A lightweight, flexible design that can be easily transported, stored and installed
  • Easy-to-change graphics, with each new campaign or season
  • Hidden sockets, wires and lights – so you only see the stunning results

And another bright idea…

If you want to make your displays even more dynamic, LED backlighting or edge lighting can be used to illuminate your fabric graphics.

Just like our other frame displays, our fabric light boxes can be single or double-sided, free-standing, wall-mounted, ceiling-hung or simply presented on a counter or table.

Ready to streamline your retail displays with high-impact fabric frames? Talk to the Cestrian team today…

Phone us: 0161 488 3300

Email us:

Follow us on Twitter:


Cestrian is one of the UK’s leading visual brand communications manufacturers and has been successfully delivering exceptional campaigns for over 20 years. We’re part of the Arian Group, one of Europe’s most modern and forward-focused point-of-sale specialists.

Latcham Direct


Allow Latcham Direct to demonstrate how their award winning multi-channel marketing and document fulfilment solutions can enhance your marketing and transactional communications to increase response, engagement, retention, improve service, and reduce cost.

Latcham currently work with leading brands across the financial services, healthcare, membership, publishing, utilities, charities, and retail sectors and for central and local government.

Latcham’s multi-million pound investment in powerful marketing and document technologies delivers highly personalised data driven content across digital print, email, web, and social media all from an integrated platform ensuring a joined up approach to all of your marketing and fulfilment requirements.

Latcham customers trust them to deliver compliant, sensitive and highly personal customer communication, from their secure facilities. Latcham achieve and maintain uncompromising and robust standards and are accredited with ISO 9001,14001,27001, FSC, PEFC, NHS IG SoC, C&CCC and CESG CLAS quality, security, and environmental standards.



We’re Brightsource, the data-driven production experts.

We help our clients have better and more cost-effective conversations with their customers, across print and digital channels.

We achieve this by harnessing the best possible people, technology and tools for each project. Our strengths include:

1. Helping clients transition from product-led to customer-led direct marketing.

2. Providing data automation for complex direct marketing programmes – enabling more relevant, rapid responses.

3. Delivering integrated multichannel marketing for a seamless customer experience.

We have over 120 people across three offices across the UK (Edinburgh, London & Cheltenham). We work across sectors, with particular specialisms in financial services and charity.

For example, we’ve been working with Lloyds Banking Group and British Heart Foundation each for over 10 years, continually improving their processes and direct marketing results.