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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Datawrkz – Digital Advertising & Advanced Analytics

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    Datawrkz is a 6-year-old digital advertising and advanced analytics firm with offices in the US, Singapore, and India.

    Through our work with mainstream agencies and advertisers over the past 6 years, Datawrkz has been helping large- and medium-sized brands with their web/app analytics, 1st party data management & segmentation, and digital media buying needs across programmatic, search, and social channels.

    A combination of rich digital media buying experience with a proprietary Demand Side Platform, and an in-house built Customer Data Platform (CDP) help Datawrkz bring a unique blend of capabilities to the eCommerce ecosystem.

    We have:

    1. An Experienced Digital Media Buying Team – For cross-channel media buying needs
    2. Customer Data Platform – To provide advanced web/app analytics and an integrated overview of customer information and behaviour across channels

    A Proprietary Demand Side Platform – To help you target custom 1st party audience segments



    +91 80 2572 4944

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