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  • Ted Baker optimising its social channels with new ‘Mission Impeccable’ campaign…

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    The British luxury fashion chain, Ted Baker, is reaping the extensive benefits associated with social media marketing with the recent launch of its brand new James Bond-themed campaign, ‘Mission Impeccable’.

    As well as sharing ‘classified documents’ (picture sharing) via its existing social media channels including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – where customers can participate in an online scavenger hunt and decode – the campaign comprises of a film directed by Guy Ritchie which enables consumers to click and purchase the autumn/winter clothes that the actors are wearing.

    Google also takes centre stage with the inclusion of a prize giveaway to those who read a phrase displayed on Ted Baker store windows to the Google Voice app, which generates clues before a prize is awarded.


    Learn more about the Mission Impeccable campaign here


    Jack Wynn

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