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  • Webinar: 100 Digital Tactics to Get Through the Pandemic and Prepare for Growth

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    With the emergence of Covid-19 and social distancing, many businesses have had to refocus on their online channels, accelerating the need for digital transformation and better marketing. But competition for online customers has increased. Are you just going through the motions, or are you actually optimising your digital activity? 

    To help digital marketers in these uncertain times, Mapp has developed The Digital Marketing Playbook, an interactive guide featuring 100 tactics that are proven to bring results whatever marketing objectives you’ve set for your business. Not only will the Playbook help you to plan your digital programmes more effectively, but it will also help you to build marketing resilience and agility, two essential ingredients for thriving in rapidly changing environments. 

    On Tuesday 21st July, at 9AM BST, Mapp will be running an online breakfast event to introduce the Playbook and take you through how to implement some of the most useful digital tactics that it features. 

    Here’s what you will gain from attending this popular session:

    1. 100 different tactics and ideas on how to acquire, nurture, grow and retain customers
    2. Best practice on how to implement a selection of the best tactics
    3. Learn how to bake agility and resilience into your marketing programmes 
    4. Easily prioritise tactics focusing first on the ones that will bring the largest ROI with the least effort 
    5. A Costa Coffee eGift Card worth £8 if you attend the live webinar and are among the first 300 people that register.

    You can confirm your attendance for How to Get Through a Pandemic: 100 Digital Tactics for Marketing Resilience and Growth on the Mapp Digital website by clicking this link

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