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  • Asset Bank integrates with Shutterstock

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    Brighton-based software company Bright has announced the integration of its Asset Bank Digital Asset Management (DAM) system with Shutterstock’s content platform.

    Marketers and creatives use Asset Bank to manage digital assets, which can include anything from photographs and imagery to logos, music and video. They use Shutterstock to search, license and download digital media content from third parties. Prior to the integration, all content from Shutterstock had to be entered manually into Asset Bank and tagged individually.

    Licensed Shutterstock content is now automatically synchronised within Asset Bank. This not only eliminates the need for images to be uploaded manually, but also tags the content with metadata including the asset description, keywords and categories, making it fully searchable within Asset Bank.

    The partners say the integration will save creative teams a significant amount of time when transferring stock images and other content to their own systems. 

    Paul Seymour, Head of Asset Bank, said: “We’re always looking for ways to make Asset Bank more useful and effortless for our customers. Integrating with the Shutterstock platform is a natural step along that journey as customers now have immediate access to their licensed content, placing it directly into the hands of the people who use it day to day.”


    Stuart O'Brien

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