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  • Marketing spend set to remain stable in 2019

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    80% of businesses plan to spend more or the same on PR in 2019 compared with 2018.

    The findings are found in a new report, ‘Spotlight on Marketing,’ commissioned by marketing communications agency Voiceboxx.

    100 communications professionals were asked a series of questions at the beginning of 2019 to help understand the nature of the marketing landscape for the year ahead, taking into consideration GDPR regulations and Brexit.

    Out of those polled, 80% said that their budget for creative/branding would increase or stay the same for 2019, with creative design essential to direct mail, which all respondents were planning to invest in through 2019.

    Digital tactics were also high on the agenda for marketeers, with 87% of businesses using video as a tool and the platform being the marketing tactic most respondents would like to utlise in 2019.

    Other key points from the report revealed:

    • 43% of respondents said their website needed improving in 2019
    • 47% plan to spend more on their website in 2019, than they did in 2018
    • Over half respondents said keeping up to date with social media trends was a challenge
    • Most marketeers plan to invest more in strategy in 2019, than 2018
    • 30% of respondents see new CRM system and staff training as essential for 2019
    • 57% of businesses want to use social media advertising in 2019

    Overall, the survey found that respondents saw 2019 as a year for improving communications across all channels, with analysis revealing marketeers already use a wide range of tactics, with new activity areas for 2019 being low priorities.


    Stuart O'Brien

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