Questions raised over post-Brexit & Trump audiences

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Two thirds of marketers are questioning their brand audiences following the surprise political turns on both sides of the Atlantic.

94 per cent are now endeavouring to reevaluate their audiences’ priorities after only just under half admitted they didn’t believe they were tailoring their campaigns correctly, according to a new study.

The survey by Greenlight Digital showed that 37 per cent are now making the move to target niche and subsets of their audience to better understand if they are tapping into the ‘right conversation’ for their business.

The findings also revealed a split in the marketing industry, as while 27 per cent didn’t want to overstep boundaries when finding out personal information of their audience, another 28 per cent believed that there were too many restrictions and red tape preventing them from getting all the data they need.

Many marketers raised concerns that gaining too much information will risk alienate people, and only between 13 and 19 per cent feel comfortable focussing their targeting on factors like religious beliefs and ethnicity.

“As this year progresses, the ever-turbulent political agenda will continue to keep everyone on their toes, so marketers should consistently collect the necessary data insights and information on their customer,” said Andreas Pouros, CEO and co-founder of Greenlight Digital.

“It may seem daunting but if marketers take advantages of data services that are out there to support them and take the time to dig a little deeper, they will be closer to guaranteeing their brand is participating in the right conversations.”

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