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  • Sony launches immersive media experience with New York pop-up

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    Visitors to Sony’s ‘Lost In Music’ pop-up space in New York are being invited to create a personalised song as they move through the immersive experience.

    Now in its third year, Lost In Music – produced by creative agency Ralph – unites Sony Music artists with Sony technology to produce creative, unique and shareable music experiences.

    Through a weekly online show as well as the physical pop-up, Lost In Music showcases various innovative Sony technologies combined with exclusive interviews and performances from multiple Sony Music artists.

    The groundbreaking Lost In Music experiential installation analyses the way each attendee moves and interacts with the cutting-edge technology throughout the space, combining it with the rhythm of their own heartbeat and adding musical components to create a unique, downloadable track.

    Within the space, located at 201 Mulberry St. in New York City, visitors can get creative with:-

    Heartbeat Chamber– This sets the BPM of the track by taking your heart rate.

    Interactive Dancefloor Sequencer– You can dance over the LED floor to create a looping rhythm.

    Drum Spheres– Hitting these will record drum loops based on your movements.

    Vocal Booth– A microphone records, autotunes and loops your vocals.

    Theremin– Your motion is captured and used to bend the pitch of your track.

    – A camera on stage will record your movements. This is then combined with your finished track to create a shareable, personalized music video.

    Also demonstrated at the Lost In Music pop-up is Sony’s latest multi-dimensional audio technology, which enables visitors to be entirely immersed in a track as it plays around them.

    Additionally, guests will be able to get hands-on with the latest Sony products.

    Finally, fans can tune in to the Ralph-produced ‘Lost in Music’ weekly online show to watch exclusive sets, interviews and tech highlights. Each episode of the show is available at www.sony.com/lostinmusic.

    “It’s been tremendously exciting to work on this year’s Lost In Music campaign, which builds on previous years to really push the limits of what’s possible in terms of creating an immersive, interactive experience for music fans,” said Chris Hassell, Founder at Ralph Creative. “Combined with the live performances and complementary YouTube channel, Sony is able to connect with an extremely wide audience across multiple content and technology types.”


    Chloe Darcy

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