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  • Are advertisers and marketers to blame for young male body issues?

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    The advertising industry’s think tank, Credos, has stated as a result of its latest research that brands urgently need to start making a significant contribution to the wellbeing of young males between the ages of 8-18; as 67 per cent of the 1,005 respondents say it is unacceptable for brands to use digital techniques to change a model’s appearance and body shape in advertising.

    The ‘Picture of health?’ study, which looked into the body image of young males at primary and secondary school ages, revealed that 53 per cent of secondary school boys are pressured to look their best by advertising; along with social media, friends and celebrities.

    Credos director, Karen Fraser, said: “This new research shows boys are increasingly worried about their appearance. We have to recognise that advertising and the wider media play some part in shaping how young people feel about themselves – both positively and negatively. This work is about encouraging brands to further engage in the debate and make an even greater contribution to the health and well-being of young men.”

    Furthermore, 23 per cent claim to have changed their exercise routine after seeing images portrayed in advertising.


    Read the full report here

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