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  • Improve your skills on lockdown with our bespoke online courses

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    During these times of great uncertainty, one thing we all have more of is time. So why not use it to learn new skills and improve existing ones with our newly available and unlimited annual courses?

    These are specially-curated online courses designed to help you and your team improve expertise and learn new things.

    The Sales & Marketing and Management, Leadership & Business Operations online learning bundles, provide you with over 100 courses, which cover all areas of both professional and personal development:

    • Converting Leads into Sales Certification
    • Creating a Marketing Plan Certification
    • Closing Techniques Certification
    • Cold Calling Certification
    • SEO for Business Certification
    • GDPR in The Workplace Certification
    • Project Management Foundation (Small Projects) Certification
    • Project Preparation Certification
    • LinkedIn for Business Certification
    • Vlogging Certification
    • Customer Retention Certification
    • Negotiation Skills Certification
    • Networking for Sales Professionals Certification
    • Online Reputation Management Certification
    • PR Certification
    • Presentation Skills Certification

    And many more!

    Find out more and purchase your course online here.

    For just £99 (usually £149), you can share the courses with your colleagues over a 12-month period.

    Additionally, there are a variety of bundles available on all spectrums;

    • Personal & Professional Development
    • Healthcare
    • Sports & Personal Development
    • Human Resources
    • Customer Services
    • Health & Safety
    • Education & Social Care Skills
    • Sales & Marketing
    • IT & Personal Development

    Book your courses today and come out of this stronger and more skilled!

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