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  • INFOGRAPHIC: DMA reveals global consumer privacy trends

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    The Digital Marketing Association (DMA) has detailed consumer attitudes to privacy across 10 nations, encompassing attitudes, opinions and preferences and how they change depending on their location.

    The research, conducted in partnership with Acxiom and Foresight Factory, found that:

    • 51% of people are ‘data pragmatists’ who exchange their data as long as there is a clear benefit.
    • 21% are ‘data unconcerned’ who do not mind how and why their data is used.
    • 23% are ‘data fundamentalists who never share their data for any reason.
    • The data pragmatists are most likely to be found in the US, Spain and Singapore, while data fundamentalists are found en mass in in Australia, Germany and The Netherlands.
    • Nearly half of all consumers would use their data to negotiate better offers.
    • 83% of consumers would like more control over their data.

    The DMA concludes: “Although each nation differs in some ways, globally consumers are remarkably similar – most aspects of privacy remain the same wherever you are. Globally, the majority of consumers are pragmatists – willing to share their data so long as there is a benefit. Trading data is a common desire among consumers and data as a commodity will become more important to companies in the years to come.”

    The DMA has produced a handy infographic to break down its findings and will be running a webinar on July 11th to delve deeper into the results.


    Stuart O'Brien

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