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  • VIDEO: John Lewis paid Elton John £5m to be in its Christmas ad

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    When we see it, we’ll probably think it’s either another piece of creative/marketing genius from the Partnership, or a depressingly early opening salvo in this year’s retailer Christmas TV ad wars.

    Either way, you’ll not be surprised to learn that Elton John’s cameo in the upcoming John Lewis Christmas 2018 TV ad cost at awful lot of money (fresh from the awful lot of money he was paid for a cameo in the recent Kingsmen sequel). £5 million pounds, in fact.

    That’s half the ad’s reported £10 million budget. Ouch. To be fair though, he does provide the soundtrack.

    And if that’s not enough, John Lewis last week dropped another high-budget ad in the form of a Bohemian Rhapsody-themed school play re-branding exercise (John Lewis becoming ‘John Lewis & Partners’ and Waitrose ‘Waitrose & Partners’).

    You can watch the whole thing in its two and a half minute glory here:

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