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VIDEO: John Lewis paid Elton John £5m to be in its Christmas ad

When we see it, we’ll probably think it’s either another piece of creative/marketing genius from the Partnership, or a depressingly early opening salvo in this year’s retailer Christmas TV ad wars.

Either way, you’ll not be surprised to learn that Elton John’s cameo in the upcoming John Lewis Christmas 2018 TV ad cost at awful lot of money (fresh from the awful lot of money he was paid for a cameo in the recent Kingsmen sequel). £5 million pounds, in fact.

That’s half the ad’s reported £10 million budget. Ouch. To be fair though, he does provide the soundtrack.

And if that’s not enough, John Lewis last week dropped another high-budget ad in the form of a Bohemian Rhapsody-themed school play re-branding exercise (John Lewis becoming ‘John Lewis & Partners’ and Waitrose ‘Waitrose & Partners’).

You can watch the whole thing in its two and a half minute glory here:

Which Xmas TV ad was the most ‘emotional’?

There are a few traditions we have all become accustomed to in the lead up to Christmas, from Black Friday to the Coca-Cola truck, but the one that generates the most debate in marketing circles now is the Christmas TV ads.

We all have our opinions on the ad we find the funniest, most emotional, most Christmassy, but who REALLY made the best Christmas commercial last year?

Leading Conversion Optimisation agency Endless Gain specialises in using biometrics and psychology to understand human emotions and behaviour, and has apparently discovered the answer.

Garret Cunningham, Chief Operations Officer at Endless Gain said: “We focus on understanding consumers’ emotions when they engage with our customers’ websites. By understanding their emotions, we can then optimise them, reducing negativity and helping our clients be sure the experience consumers have when visiting their website is positive.

“With the ability to measure an individual’s emotional response to stimulus, such as websites, images and videos we thought it would be fun to turn this to the Christmas TV ads and stretch our analytical muscles to see what we can uncover.

For the study, Endless Gain chose six ajor retailers (Asda, Aldi, Argos, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and and analysed which ad created the greatest emotional response from the UK public – whether that reaction was positive or negative – and how that influenced their brand recall and preference.

Results covered:

  • Who created the most engaging ad
  • Was this driven by positive or negative emotions
  • Which ad made us feel good for the longest
  • Who failed to ignite the hearts of the audience
  • Who achieved peak joy

Analysis found that Aldi had the most engaging advert, 30% of the ad’s length the audience registered a significant change in emotions. M&S had the second highest level of emotional arousal (22%), followed by Asda with less than  15%. Regarding memorable ads, Aldi, Asda John Lewis and M&S all rated highly, while Argos and Very failed to make an impression.

The full report can be accessed below.

Who made the best Christmas TV advert this year? Biometrics has the answer…

Over a third of Brits more excited for Xmas ads than movies

Data from the Advertising Association (AA) expects seasonal advertising spend to be its largest ever, with advertisers investing nearly £6 billion during Q4 2017.

The figure has risen steadily since 2010 with a YoY increase of  37%, as businesses compete with each other for a share of the Christmas retail market.

The biggest spenders include John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Aldi, Argos, Asda and Sainsbury’s with all having already launched their Christmas campaigns.

Data has also revealed that 33% of the UK public is more excited about the flagship Christmas ads than the movies showing over the period, while 47% have been moved to tears by a Christmas ad they’ve heard or seen. 16% have also changed plans to catch a premiere of their most anticipated Christmas ad.

“Christmas is a key time for advertisers large and small. In recent years, marketers of businesses using emotive Christmas advertising have won some of the industry’s biggest awards. Businesses delivering advertising with emotional resonance can be rewarded with powerful, long-term effects into the new year and beyond,” said Karen Fraser, director at think tank Credos.

LinkedIn joins ASOS and John Lewis for marcomms campaign…

The world’s largest online professional network, LinkedIn, has joined forces with retail companies John Lewis and ASOS with the launch of its new international B2C and B2B marcomms campaign, designed to drive awareness of its ‘Jobs’ function as well as support engagement amongst its global members.

The Way In, which is a content-led marketing campaign, focuses on delivering inspirational stories from LinkedIn members who love their jobs, and details how professionals can achieve greater fulfilment from their careers. The integrated campaign features dedicated content, social and PR elements that will run from throughout the month of October, and marks the brand’s biggest UK campaign of the year.

Content is hosted on the campaign’s microsite and includes member and recruiter interview videos from ASOS and John Lewis. Additionally, ASOS UK headquarters have opened their doors to produce 360 degree videos that provide a behind-the-scenes look at the eTailer’s operations.

Director of consumer marketing, EMEA at LinkedIn, Peter Maxmin, explained how the campaign was created: “Being fulfilled in your job plays a big factor in both your personal and professional happiness and development. It seemed natural for us to develop a campaign that inspires professionals to think about what they love about their jobs and how to be more fulfilled in their careers. It’s great to be teaming up with some of the world’s biggest and most recognisable brands to help people find the way into their dream career.”

‘The Way In’ will also include comprehensive research conducted across eight markets: the Netherlands, UK, the US, Germany, France, Australia Canada and Singapore.

To find out more about campaign, visit:


You can also join the conversation on Twitter using @LinkedInUK #TheWayIn