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  • Marketing teams concerned CEOs are out of touch with tech

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    Employees are worried about not having support from management as senior staff members believe there is a disconnect in the boardroom when it comes to new technologies.

    A study by digital specialist Squiz revealed that just 27 per cent of marketing teams work closely with their CEO, as it’s admitted they believe that over half of executives outside of their department make use of marketing without understanding its effect on revenue.

    97 per cent of global marketers believe that technology has allowed their department to become more strategic, allowing for greater planning and increased revenue.

    Even with how the department believes marketing technology, or martech, is important to their business, over a quarter feel that they aren’t confident in setting goals the whole business can understand and support.

    “In a world where marketing, technology and digital are fundamental  to the business strategy in order for organisations to gain and maintain a leading edge over competitors, it’s quite alarming that such a high proportion of senior marketers feel the C-suite don’t understand the value of marketing,” said founder and director of We Are Adam, Leon Milns. “The CEO needs convincing on the value that marketing technology can bring.”

    In the past year, just three per cent of businesses have invested in marketing technology, and experts are shocked to find that even with these numbers, only a third of marketers believe their department’s value is understood by executives.

    “As martech is being used by the rest of the business, marketers need to be more confident that its value is being communicated,” said Neil Davis, managing director for the UK and Europe at Squiz. “They must ensure that they are using technology beyond its basic capabilities so that they can make maximum impact at a business level.”

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