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  • New Snapchat deal to improve advertising

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    The company behind social media app Snapchat has partnered with marketing leader Kenshoo to focus on interactive mobile advertisements.

    With a client base of 2,000 leading brands, Kenshoo is currently the only marketer to provide direct access to Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Pinterest, Yahoo and now Snapchat.

    ‘Snap Ads’ are currently leading the way with mobile engagement, using a native format that features ads in the same style as regular Snapchat videos.

    Featuring a vertical, portrait, resolution and running for up to 10 seconds on a screen, users can interact with ads by swiping up on their device in an attempt to focus on consumers who are spending less and less time watching tv and consuming traditional media.

    Reaching around 41% of 18-34 year olds daily within the United States, Snapchat offers a huge market to tap into.

    “They have a great audience, an engaging ad format, and an app that is replacing the phone’s native camera for many users,” said Will Martin-Gill, chief strategy and development officer at Kenshoo, “This was an obvious move for us to make given our unique position as the only marketing technology that provides direct access to the world’s leading publishers.”

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