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  • RECOMMENDED: Brand Monitoring – BlueFrog Media

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    As part of our series looking at Brand Monitoring services, BlueFrog Media outlines what it has to offer…

    At BlueFrog we know it’s key to engage with and build a brands customer, turning them into loyal fans through live brand experience.

    We do the hard bit, the bit that social algorithms thrive off… talk! With an interaction service 9am-9pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we are always on hand to have meaningful conversations with your fans.

    Key to the BlueFrog service is working with brands to improve community management and maximise on engagement opportunities. We interact on behalf of your brand on all the well-known social platforms, taking care of your social customer service, general enquiries, bookings and complaint handling. That includes converting positivity on social to great reviews on other platforms and responding to positive and negative reviews across Facebook, TripAdvisor and Google My Business to improve rankings and keep excellent customer service across the brand.

    The BlueFrog team use genuine human interactions to build on page engagement. All interactions are managed as per a client guide and agreed do’s and dont’s and the team are trained to know your business and tone of voice inside out. We faithfully represent your brand, whether that be through community and reputation management or creating content to support their social strategy and campaigns.

    Alongside community management, we social listen for brands across Twitter. We are able to jump on any conversations or brand mentions and either aid a brand query or share the brand love. Social listening provides not only great customer service but an opportunity to engage with new customers and provide great insight about your audience.

    Our aim is always to encourage engagement and increase ROI for you, and we will tailor the conversations we have with your customers to meet any company-specific goals.

    Get in touch if you would like to know more about how BlueFrog can help you.



    Stuart O'Brien

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