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  • WEBINAR: Convert more opportunities with Digital Playback and the AlwaysOn Marketing Machine

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    Through a combination of enhanced attribution, optimised marketing and spend timely communications triggered by any predetermined event in a customer journey, the Go Inspire Group are successfully enabling brands to convert more opportunities at speed, on the road to recovery.

    Nick Greatrex, Digital Director at Go Inspire Insight, shares his thoughts on improving conversion by solving the digital marketing attribution headache, check out the webinar here [17min to view].

    Solving the Attribution and Conversion Rate Headache:

    Digital Playback identifies browsers as individuals, linking the online and offline interactions that an individual customer or potential customer makes with your business, across all channels, in one journey. It optimises your conversion rates and marketing spend, showing you when to act, when to pull back, and which customer groups to focus on.

    Some of our success stories:

    • 13% saved on digital marketing spend
    • 14% higher profit from Abandoned Baskets by using Direct Mail triggered by browsing data  
    • Improved social, email and paid search quality score, saving 1-2p per click and 2-5% more emails landing in inboxes
    • Budget saved on social, direct mail and display ad by selecting most engaged customers
    • Average customer saving of £17k per month

    The AlwaysOn Marketing Machine:

    Users can now capitalise on the increased engagement and standout direct mail enjoys over other channels – without compromising on timeliness. 

    This is because Go Inspire’s AlwaysOn Marketing Machine direct mail manufacturing technology has evolved to the point where it’s possible to achieve a realistic price point for standard format pre-templated mailings for volumes as small as one record. Clients are sending cost-effective mail, that goes from ‘trigger’ to letterbox, in as little as 48 hours.

    Some scenarios utilising this approach are:

    • Loyal customer starting to lapse
    • Overdue account
    • Repeat website visits
    • Item added to online basket
    • Contract nearing expiration
    • Annual statement & reminders 

    Some of our success stories:

    • 14% higher profit from Abandoned Baskets
    • Inbound calls to contact centre have reduced by 9%.
    • Letter costs and processing costs of sending out new credit agreements have reduced from 10% to 3%.
    • 40% Postage saving
    • Annual production saving of c£270K from associated information design services

    If you’d like to find out more information about how you can benefit from improved conversion rates and an agile ‘AlwaysOn’ Marketing Communication, click here or email info@goinspire.co.uk


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