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  • WHITEPAPER: Businesses can deliver incremental revenue using variable digital print

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    Using variable digital print delivered one retailer 128% incremental revenue vs control – that’s according to an industry report from the Go Inspire Group, which also reveals that simply increasing design vibrancy, delivered a 20% uplift vs control.

    The research determined that reflecting a customers’ individual preferences, by utilising enhanced personalisation and variability to tailor product imagery, offer and a range of other factors, can deliver a monumental difference in incremental revenue, from direct mail campaigns. 

    The study also shares further recommendations for variability including:

    • Personalised catalogues and brochure content

    • Personalised barcodes 

    • Personalised links to digital content

    • Personalised offer periods 

    • Segmented event invitations 

    Visit here for the full paper and all its recommendations.


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