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  • Cloud Sword Alliance boosts Alibaba’s brand protection efforts

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    The Cloud Sword Alliance has announced that it plans to further collaborate between the Chinese government and businesses, working closely with Alibaba’s Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance, using big data and technology to combat counterfeiting rings.

    Operation Cloud Sword was originally set up by Alibaba in 2016 to help the ecommerce giant and authorities protect brands from IP infringes.

    “This is the first public communiqué between governments and enterprises at such scale [in China],” said Jessie Zheng, Alibaba’s chief platform governance officer.

    “We will continue our promise to increase our investment in brand protection and do our best to unite all parties. Alibaba is not alone in our brand-protection efforts.”

    Alibaba also announced the addition of eight more governments, growing from five members to 13, which the group hopes will eventually include the entire country.

    Alibaba founder and chair Jack Ma called for Chinese legislators to impose heaver penalties on counterfeiters earlier in 2017, with the company claiming in a public appeal that China’s ambiguous counterfeiting laws were stopping authorities from building strong legal cases against counterfeiters.


    Stuart O'Brien

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