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  • Burberry tops Instagram Brit list

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    Fashion, cars and luxury brands dominate the chart of the most popular Instagram feeds in the UK with Iconsquare’s second annual ranking once againe putting Burberry in pole position.

    In terms of media brans, the BBC News, with 2.5m followers, was the most popular British media brand on Instagram, followed by Vogue and Top Gear close with 2.3m followers each.

    However, all the brands in the UK listing are dwarved by international brands such as Nike, Victoria’s Secret and Chanel.

    The top UK Instagram favourite brands, as over end November, are:-

    Burbery – 10,400,000 followers

    Topshop – 9,200,000 followers

    Jimmy Choo – 7,300,000 followers

    ASOS – 6,600,000 followers

    Jaguar – 5,500,000 followers

    Alexander McQueen – 5,300,000 followers

    Aston Martin – 4,700,000 followers

    Bentley – 4600,000 followers

    Stella McCartney – 4,500,000 followers

    Rolls-Royce – 4,200,000 followers

    “A strong social media presence is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy, “ said Iconsquare CEO Romain Ouzeau.

    “The top ten most popular British brands on Instagram have all been able to successfully promote aspirational lifestyles to a wide audience of people and will reap rewards this holiday season.



    Stuart O'Brien

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