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  • 3D Digital Signage – 2018’s breakout retail buying trend

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    3D Digital Signage is the most sought after solution by retail marketers in this year, followed by Digital Billboards and Video Walls.

    The findings have been revealed ahead of the Digital Signage and Interactive Solutions Summit, which takes place in September.

    Delegates registering to attend the event are asked which products and services they need to invest in during 2018 and beyond.

    A significant 57% are looking to invest in 3D Digital Signage solutions, with 35.7%% sourcing Digital Billboards.

    Just behind were Mobile/Interactivity (35.7%), Video Walls (35%) and Content Design & Aesthetics (29%).

    “It’s no surprise that 3D Digital Signage solutions top the list of areas our delegates were most interested in,” said Digital Signage and Interactive Solutions Summit Event Manager Jessica Deluca. “But the full table provides a valuable insight into signage trends within the retail sector.”

    % of delegates at the Digital Signage and Interactive Solutions Summit sourcing specific products & services (Top 10):

    3D Digital Signage – 57.1%
    Digital Billboards – 35.7%
    Mobile/Interactivity – 35.7%
    Video Walls – 35.7%
    Content Design and Aesthetics – 28.6%
    Menu Boards – 28.6%
    Wayfinding – 28.6%
    Cloud-Based Digital Signage – 21.4%
    Content Management – 21.4%
    Internet of Things – 21.4%

    To find out more about the Digital Signage and Interactive Solutions Summit, visit https://forumevents.co.uk/events/digital-signage-interactive-solutions-summit.


    Stuart O'Brien

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